Federacio Catalana de Criquet
Federacio Catalana de Criquet Details
Address: Rambla guiposcua 23-25
1- D, Casa de l'esport
Spain - 08018
Established: 2011
Current Series: Liga Catalan 2nd Division

Federació català de cricket is the pioneer organization to control all official cricket activities in Catalunya region. Provide quality cricket and promote cricket in the zone is the mission of the federation. With more than 70 registered clubs and around 800 players, catalunya seems to be one of the biggest federation of europe.

Organize quality cricket for junior and senior in the zone is our vision. Provide quality player for the national team is our vision and bring more and more local players in cricket. Promoting cricket in all age level is our main task.

Federació català de cricket is an democratic organization. Excutive body of the federation is elected by the participating club after 4 years of period.