Copa ciudad de Barcelona

Fedecación Catalana de cricket announced Copa Ciudad De Barcelona 2018 on 29th of december 2018 in a restaurant in Sant Adria of Barcelona.

32 teams of Catalunya will participate in this tournament. 16 teams from division A and 16 team from division B will play against another from the same division. This is a knockout tournament. Only winners will go through to the next round. Draw of the tournament was held on 29th december. Match will be start on 6th January 2019. All the matches will be played in vic, vidreras and shuja ground.

Fixture Copa Ciudad de Barcelona

Entry fee for this tournament si 50€. Last date to submit entry fee is 5th january 2018. If any teams fails to submit their entry by time, the opponent team will get walkover.


    1. Thanks for your comment. Copa del ciudad is a knockout tournament, there is no point table. But as soon as we received match updates, we’ll upload it here.

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